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Brett Syndercombe 4/4

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

Morgan Challenge Champion 2021 I started racing in my standard 1987 3500 +8. I thought this would help me to understand setting up customers cars, but unfortunately got hooked! The +8 evolved into a class B car which I ran for a couple of seasons.…

Steve Lockett +8

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

Morgan Challenge Champion 2022 After many years of track days I decided to try my hand at racing in 1995. I had the good fortune to race a 1986 +4 with a Fiat twin cam engine. It had a highly modified race engine, great on…

Simon Orebi Gann +4

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

Completely restored and prepared for historic racing by Brett of Brands Hatch Morgans.

Greg Parnell Aero 8 GTN

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

In 2011, after spending 8 years in Sprints and Hill Climbs in a 4.6 Plus 8, I entered the Morgan Challenge to race my Aero 8 GTN.  The car had originally been Charles Morgan’s factory road car and had not been raced in anger so much…

Simon Orebi Gann SLR

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

History: This 1961 car is the first of the Morgan SLRs of which only 3 were made. Designed and built by Sprintzel Lawrence Racing (SLR), the brilliant British engineer Chris Lawrence intended the car to be a high performing sports car and chose as his…

Simon Orebi Gann ARV6

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

Simon started racing in his 1989 +8 converted by BHM into a class C race car. He progressed from there into a Roadster lightweight in which he had many class wins and outright championships. Also keen on historic motorsport driving his SLR and +4 all…

Race 2 at Donington 2022

January 30, 2023 By Garry Off

Race 2 at Donington, Brands Hatch Morgans 4/4. Beaten for 2nd place by 0.1 seconds on the last lap! Congratulations James, what a race!