Brett Syndercombe 4/4

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

Morgan Challenge Champion 2021

I started racing in my standard 1987 3500 +8. I thought this would help me to understand setting up customers cars, but unfortunately got hooked! The +8 evolved into a class B car which I ran for a couple of seasons. I then thought I would try and be a bit different so purchased an Aero 8 which took a long time to develop into a competitive car and was probably beyond my skills to tame successfully!

My current car is the 4/4 pictured which seems to suit me perfectly. The main upgrade is the 2.0ltr “blacktop” zetec engine, originally sourced from Omex complete with ECU and throttle bodies. The engine has recently been rebuilt and improved by Mass Racing Engines and the car is now a very competitive package. Transmission and brakes etc. are all standard 4/4 equipment.

I`ve been lucky enough to win my class in 2017, 2018 and 2020, unfortunately missing out on the overall championship by just one point in 2018. I`ll keep trying!

Clearly I tried a little harder in 2021, winning my class and the overall championship by just 1 point!