Greg Parnell Aero 8 GTN

February 24, 2023 By Brett Off

In 2011, after spending 8 years in Sprints and Hill Climbs in a 4.6 Plus 8, I entered the Morgan Challenge to race my Aero 8 GTN.  The car had originally been Charles Morgan’s factory road car and had not been raced in anger so much development work needed to be done by at BHM to get the car developed to race readiness. The BMW M62 Alpina engine packed sufficient power but the car was very heavy and lacked grip at speed. I decided to remove all unnecessary parts and reduced the weight by more than 100 kilos. Amongst other tweaks Brett and Jamie modified the suspension, within the race regs, and the car is now more balanced and stable on the track. I have won several trophies and awards over the years but have a long way to go to realise any ambition to win the top prize in the Championship.

I can recommend that anyone who is inclined to give it a try in the AR Morgan Challenge to do so – club racing is great fun whatever the outcome.